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Perfect for stews, soups and stir-fry, try adding them to a Tagine or to a slow roast!

Dried garlic can be reconstituted.  Just half a teaspoon of dried garlic represents a clove of fresh Garlic. The flavour of dried Garlic is said to be more pungent than that of fresh.  

Almost every cuisine on our planet has found an important  role for garlic!
Europeans mince it raw and add it to salad dressings, or sauté it and use it to flavour their sauces.  Asian cooks add it to to their stir-fries; Indian cooks to their curries; Hispanic cooks to meats and vegetables.  And Americans have lately taken a fancy to roasting whole bulbs, and then spreading the garlic like a soft cheese on bread or crackers.

Garlic is good for you, too!  Researchers believe that garlic can bolster the immune system, lower blood pressure and prevent heart disease, and at least some people believe that it can ward off vampires and insects.  

The only downside is that raw or undercooked garlic tends to linger on the breath, though many people are more than willing to pay that price!

Garlic powder isn't a true substitute for fresh garlic - nothing could be - but it does have its advantages.  It usually lasts for a long while and a little goes a long way when cooking, so some people buy it as an alternative to minced garlic for keeping in the kitchen store cupboard.

1 x 60g pot

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